Frequently asked questions about PRU-DENT retipping.

Updated March, 2013

Is it really "as good, or better than New"?
Yes, we remove the entire point and replace it with a new one that we manufacture. The only part that is reused is the handle itself.

How long does it take?
Most orders are completed and returned to shipping in the same day. Total turnaround is usually about a week. There can be a delay over holiday weekends so if you are in a great hurry call first.

When you are in a real hurry and you don't mind buying new handles. Tell us what you need and what handle you want them in. We make up your instruments and ship them to you. Send us your originals after you recieve your new instruments. Cost=Retip+New handle $3.25+shipping. You save the time and the extra cost of round trip air shipping.

Will retipping void my original manufacturer's warranty?
Yes, the original manufacturer's warranty is replaced by our PRU-DENT Guarantee which is longer and more comprehensive that any manufacturer, retipper, or dealer in the industry.

What kind of guarantee do you offer with instruments that have been re-tipped by your company?
See our PRU-DENT Guarantee.

Can you send me testimonials by licensed professionals that use your service?
Yes, let us know what area you live in and we can help you contact and speak with licensed professionals in your area. (We do get their permission before giving out any customer information.)

Can any instrument retipped?
If we make it we can retip it, but the handle needs to accept the standard 3/16" or 1/8" shank and be in good condition (not Cracked). If a handle can't be retipped it can be replaced.

What do I do if my handles are cracked or odd sized?
We can replace the handles for $5.00. We offer many styles including the lightweight, large diameter (3/8") 5ST stainless tube handles.

I'm interested in possibly replacing my smaller diameter handles with larger ones, is this possible?
Yes, we offer a lightweight, large diameter (3/8") stainless tube handle for $5.00, with a lifetime guarantee.

Do you Retip the *HuFriedy Resin-8tmplastic handle?
Yes. All Hu-Friedy handles retip beautifully.

Can you Retip the *American Eagle Litetm handle?
No, the *American Eagle Litetmis a disposable handle, By the time the points are worn out so is the handle. We can upgrade the Eagle Litetm to our 5ST handle. The 5ST Is made from lightweight stainless steel, is the same size (3/8" diameter x 4. 1/4" long), and only weighs two tenths of an ounce more than the *Eagle litetm (A sheet of paper weighs wo tenths of an ounce), plus it has a limited lifetime guarantee and can be retipped forever.

Upgrade your instruments to the new 5ST handle for $5.00 plus the cost of retipping.

Can I change to a different style of points?
Yes you can. The only thing we can't do is re-stamp the handle. You'll have to be able to recognize the instrument by the points, which some assistants may not be trained to do.

How do I send an order?
Just print out our Order Form and follow the directions. Call us at 800 631-2339 if you have any questions.

Do I need to Insure the instruments I send in?
Worn out instruments don't have any value, but you can insure them for replacement value (about $15.00 an instrument).

What happened to PRU-DENT.COM? On January 22, 2003 PRU-DENT.COM was kidnapped by a Pornographer and held, against it's will, in a cheezy porn site in the former Soviet Socialist Republic of Belarus. PRU-DENT.COM was forced to wear unsavory banners, pop up ads, and was infected with spyware, and even contaminated by the residual fallout from Chornobyl'.

The kidnapper demanded One Thousand American dollars to be transferred to his bank in Latvia.
Unfortunately, there was no assurance that the name would be returned to us once we paid the ransome, nor any recourse if they took the money and ran.

Our hopes and prayers are with PRU-DENT.COM but frankly...PRU-DENT.US only cost us 8 bucks, soo good luck PRU-DENT.COM. We wish you the best.

UPDATE: In 2004 I hired our web hosting service to keep an eye out for PRU-DENT.COM. In 2009 it was discovered wandering the cold, cruel, post cold war, Soviet interweb and returned to us. Thank you Go Daddy.

Why the Kidnapper realeased PRU-DENT.COM is still a mystery.

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Whatever the reason we're happy to have back home where it belongs.

Truth IS stranger than fiction.
If you have any questions, please call us at 800 631-2339 or E-Mail us.

*Resin-8tm is a trademark of HuFriedy co. Eagle Litetm is a trademark of American Eagle instruments.