PRU-DENT Retipping Service
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and the environment

Instead of throwing your old instruments away
Have them Retipped.

Retipping is basically rebuilding an instrument.
The old points are removed and replaced with the new points of your choice

Frequently Asked Retipping Questions

To place a Retipping order:

1. Inspect your instrument handles for cracks or other defects. This is the only part of the instrument that is reused. Any handles that are cracked are not sterilizable and will have to be replaced. Some handles do not hold the standard 3/16" point; these also will have to be replaced or discarded.

2. Make an itemized list with names and quantities of each of the instruments you will be sending. Include the billing/shipping address, phone #, purchase order number if necessary, and any special instructions.

3. Clean and sterilize all instruments. Ship in a sealed sterilization bag. Please draw a happy face on the outside of the box to show that the instruments have been sterilized.

4. Ship your order to the address on the bottom of your Retipping Order form and your order will be completed and shipped via UPS within 48 hours. Many orders are processed the same day. Second day & next day air available.

When we receive your order:

When we receive a retipping order, the instrument handles are inspected for cracks or other flaws. This is very important, a split or cracked handle can be internally contaminated and autoclaves are only designed to sterilize the exposed surface.

The old points are removed from the handles using specialized equipment designed to preserve the structural integrity of the instrument.

The handles are prepared to receive the new points. The instruments are reassembled with new points that we manufacture.

The handles are sealed with a high temperature bonding compound, given the final quality inspection, and return shipped to your office the same day.

We suggest you inspect your instrument handles for cracks or other flaws after every sterilization, even new instruments can be cracked. Damaged handles are discarded and replaced with new PRU-DENT handles, designed to resist cracking.

Printable Retip Order form and directions

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Retip order form

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