Who is PRU-DENT?

PRU-DENT Mfg. Inc.has been manufacturing high quality, innovative, handheld instruments for the Dentist, Hygienist, and Periodontist since 1932. We invented stainless steel retipping in 1978. We also offer Instrument sharpening.

October 1st. 2013 PRU-DENT  Dental Instruments has merged with Sharp Advantage, Inc. (a Dental Hygienist owned and operated instrument sharpening service in bloomingdale Illinois.)

This merger will combine PRU-DENT's technical expertise with Sharp Advantage's Hygienist's perspective to improve our existing products and services and to help us create a new line of products and services that the dental professional will love.

What makes PRU-DENT different?

QUALITY: PRU-DENT instrument points are made of the highest quality stainless steel available.

Our turnings are precision shaped on our state of the art electronic-pneumatic equipment, which places the cutting edge where you need it every time.

We forge out instrument blades to create a denser molecular structure. This makes our blades stronger and last longer. Most manufacturers leave out this step to save money, and increase replacement sales.

The shaped and forged points are hardened in a heat-treating furnace. This makes them retain their shape better and hold their sharpness longer. Since PRU-DENT points have a Rockwell hardness slightly higher than other instrument brands. Our blades can actually cut or scratch their steel!

The blades are precision sharpened at a consistent 75 angle between the face and the lateral side and within a tolerance of 0.002 of an inch blade width.

Finally, all cutting edges are tested and conditioned to remove the wire edge. We have yet to find any other manufacturer that takes this step.

INNOVATION: Any manufacturer can make a reasonable copy of an existing instrument, but it takes dedication to spend the time and resources necessary to create new and better products. Here are some of our innovations:

1982 Thin Series, A lightweight surgical curette modified for root planing.

1986 PRU-DENT introduces the PRU-DENT 1/2. A miniature Gracey curette head with an extra long shank.

1990 Gracey Flexible series. For greater tactile sensitivity.

SERVICE: PRU-DENT is a manufacturer, so we can offer options and services that no dealer or other retipper can.

Narrow or Wide Blade widths: for easier insertion or longer wear.

Same day service: new instruments, retipping, and re-sharpening of scalers, curettes, perio knives, and scissors.

Special order: including instruments, custom design prototyping and manufacturing. We offer Instrument sharpening and repair.

PRU-DENT Mfg., Inc.
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Retipping & Re-sharpening Services
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